The Transition Monitor has been developed by the Transition team, led by Geurt van de Kerk – former management consultant and publisher. Further core team members are Hans Ligtenberg – former teacher University InHolland, Arthur Manuel – former international water consultant, and Paddy Noë – ICT entrepreneur in Wageningen.
Each core member has 15 or more years of experience in sustainability in a large number of countries. In varying combinations and with the support of many experts at home and abroad, they have developed several innovative instruments to accelerate the achievement of a sustainable society:

Sustainable Society Index (SSI, 2006) – shows the level of sustainability for all countries every two years.

Greenhouse Horticulture Sustainability Index (DIG, 2007) – a simple tool for any greenhouse horticulture company to measure and improve the sustainability of the company.

Municipal Sustainability Index (GDI, 2014) – shows annually for all municipalities in the Netherlands how far they have come in terms of sustainability.

Vang Dashboard (Vang, 2018) – shows the waste separation behavior of residents per neighborhood for all municipalities in the Netherlands and the extent to which the objectives are achieved.

Sustainability Scan for adolescents (JDS, 2018) – based on 19 questions, each participating young one gains insight into the level of sustainability of the own behavior, with tips for further improvement.

Sustainability Scan for adults (VDS, 2019) – just like young people, every adult can now test the own behavior in terms of sustainability, also with tips for further improvement.

The SSI has been transferred to Professor Wolfgang Veit and Professor Susann Kowalski, Schmalenbach School of Business, Economics and Law of the Technical University in Cologne. The SSI is now published annually. The GDI, JDS and VDS have been transferred to the Drechtsteden Research Centre, which has undertaken the further development and continuity of the instruments.

We are very open to your suggestions and comments. Do let us know.

Geurt van de Kerk

As a start we have prepared Sustainable Transition Monitors for each of the 154 countries of the World.

Soon the Monitors can be downloaded here.